The challenges of providing the best health care for our patients can create a great deal of distress, and in certain situations that distress is caused by a deep ethical concern that is not easily resolved.  The UAMS Clinical Ethics Consultation Service wants to be of help to UAMS staff during those morally distressful times.  As such, we have created a weekly Ethics Lounge through the virtual format of Zoom.

Ethics Lounge is an open, online environment, available each week on Tuesday at 1:00 pm where UAMS staff can connect with clinical ethicists and each other to talk about ethically challenging issues that are arising in daily practice.  The forum is open to all staff and is designed to be a safe place of respectful sharing of the ethically challenging situations you are working within our health system.

We invite you to connect on any Tuesday you are free to listen in and discuss ethics in your career with others around UAMS.  The ethicist will be standing by.


  • Title:  Ethics Lounge
  • Format:  Informal discussion of ethically challenging situations you are encountering in your work
  • Day/Time:  Every Tuesday from 1:00-1:50 pm
  • “Place”:  online—connect through the following link –
  • Attendees:  any UAMS staff

Ground Rules:

  • Ethics Lounge is an informal and professional environment
  • Discussion should be primarily on ethical, moral, professional concerns raised in the course of your work at UAMS
  • The primary aim of each discussion is to provide support and insight to help each other work through moral concerns
  • All voices, no matter their role at UAMS, are equal in these discussions
  • Disagreements may arise, but respectful responses to any shared concerns is required