Struggling with an ethical issue?

We have created a series of educational videos on some of the most common ethical issues in clinical care. Each video is seven minutes or less and includes information on statues or policy when relevant. (Note: None of the information in the videos below should be interpreted as legal advice. If you have legal questions, please consult the office of General Counsel.)

Advance Care Planning

An introduction to the ethics of planning for times when patients cannot make decisions for themselves

Competence and Capacity

A brief introduction to the difference between competence and capacity and their ethical importance in medical decision-making

Surrogate Decision-Making

A tutorial on who should make decisions for a patient when they can’t make decisions for themselves

Decision-Making for Unrepresented Patients

A short guide to decision-making when an incapacitated patient does not have an agent, guardian, or surrogate

Decision-Making for Prisoners

The basics of ethical decision-making for inmates

Moral Distress

A brief guide for how to deal when every option seems wrong


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