As mortal beings, all humans must face death, and as such, the influence of both death and dying permeate lived experience—from healthcare and relationships to art and culture.  The Death & Dying course is intended to look at multiple aspects of these phenomena—from historical and philosophical conceptions of death to physiology and decision making at the end of life.

In order to provide the content, the course uses background material, experts in various disciplines, and field trips. Assignments are divided into group and individual projects, including 2 group presentations and several individual write-ups—e.g., obituary, advance directive, field trip reflections.

Other features of the course:

  • Designed as an IPE offering, which means it will have medical students…and College of Pharmacy students and others.
  • Begins Thursday, January 11th, and will go through April—Thursdays from 3:15-5 pm.
  • IVN/videoconferencing to NWAR available.



D. Micah Hester, Ph.D.
Chief, Division of Medical Humanities (UAMS)
Clinical Ethicist (ACH)

Thursdays,  3pm-5pm

IDW 205 A/B (except where noted)