Laura Guidry-Grimes, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities & Bioethics/Psychiatry

Fall 2020
Thursdays, 3-5 pm, Starting Aug. 13


What makes someone vulnerable? How should healthcare professionals address vulnerabilities experienced by their patients? This course will give students the opportunity to explore these topics with a flexible schedule that includes didactics, invited speakers from the community, and independent study of first-person narratives in art, film/theatre, and literature.

This course focuses on the concept of vulnerability, in order for students to learn and then demonstrate understanding of how this term is understood and used in clinical settings. Similarly, after invited presenters discuss the sources of vulnerability and how healthcare professionals can make an impact (e.g., for prisoners, for patients with intellectual disabilities), students will be prompted through the online discussion board to reflect on these aspects of vulnerability and their obligations. First-person narratives will be integrated throughout the course, and students will be asked to reflect on these narratives in class and in the online discussion board. Students who choose to read these narratives as part of their required participation will also have to reflect on the meaning and import of these first-person accounts in their one-page reflection papers.